In the thrilling match of the IPL 12 played at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium on May 12, Mumbai Indians defeated Chennai Supercans by one run to win the IPL title for the fourth time. In such a way, there is no miss to match the heartbeat Did not want to, whether it was home, office or wedding ceremony. Yes, a similar video on social media is becoming viral, in which a wedding ceremony witnesses the final of IPL 12.

Actually, it has been seen in the video that all the guests who attended the ceremony were busy watching the match except the bride and groom. There is a telecast of the match on the big screen inside the tent. As soon as Lt. Malinga took the wicket of Shardul Thakur on the last ball, all the people shouted eagerly and after that the band started playing baja and people started dancing joyfully. The video of which is becoming quite viral on social media. Seeing which fans are very much liked.