Captain Virat Kohli said that considering the circumstances, the Indian team management is considering to include the additional fast bowler in the last 11 before the match against South Africa in the ICC World Cup match.

Indicating the involvement of Bhuvneshwar Kumar in the team, Kohli said, “We know that when the clouds are over, the conditions in England will be different and when the sun sets, then the situation is something else. When bowling with two new balls, the role of an extra pacer is crucial. On the easy pitch for batting, conditions for batsmen in the first ten overs will be difficult. Bhuvneshwar can also bat a little bit, in such a situation if Jadhav gets fit and the conditions are difficult for fast bowlers then India can sit out a spinner.

“It would be challenging to bat at 10.30 for batsmen,” the Indian captain said. We have discussed about this. If you go into the field with two spinners and two or three fast bowlers, then things will be different in the beginning and some more in the afternoon. The bowlers will have to deal with such situation. The Indian captain said that Jadhav has always been the claimant for his place in the team due to his all-round performance. He said, “Kedar is batting on the net and he’s hit the ball well. That’s why they are good at the team because they provide diversity. Looking at the pitch, we will discuss what a balanced combination will be, but I think we are ready to deal with all kinds of situations.