Captain Gulbadin Nayab acknowledged that Afghanistan is having difficulty playing in England and attributed poor bowling to the first 10 overs for the 34-run defeat in Sri Lanka from World Cup. Sri Lanka made 79 runs in the first ten overs. After this Afghanistan came back and put Sri Lanka on 201 in 37 overs. Afghanistan bowlers gave away 35 runs.

Gulbadan said, “We did not start well in bowling and did not perform well in the first 10 overs. The bowlers did not perform responsibly. In the middle overs, Rashid Khan, Hamid Hassan and Mohammad Nabi have bowled very well. He said, “If we do not give up 35 runs, then Sri Lanka does not score so much. He said, “Sri Lanka has played a lot of cricket in such situations but we do not have much experience. Because of this, the batsmen have had problems. Sri Lanka also did great bowling.